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Spira is pleased to announce the acquisition of Zayfti Inc.

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Whatever your role, Spira has capabilities that benefit you.

  • Finance Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Field Manager

Spira uses real-time data to track your job revenue, and provides a variety of ways to track your costs based on information entered in the field – minimizing the effort required from your field users. You decide how you want to track costs and revenue, providing flexibility in the way you want to manage and report your jobs and projects.

Capturing data in the field has unique challenges. Spira has been capturing field related data for over ten years across a wide array of industries. In that time, Spira has learned that data capture in the field needs to be simple, effective, and quick to transact. Spira puts the field user first with a straight forward method of capturing their information, in their words, following their unique processes.

Managing and tracking HR data for field staff is a difficult undertaking. Spira provides an integrated link between Human Resources and Operations. All hours worked are recorded against the employee, job, and task for use in payroll, bonuses, per diems, certifications and hours of service performed. This information can be used to manage everything from time off to certifications, streamlining internal processes and achieving optimal productivity.

Spira’s use of mandatory data and custom safety forms ensure the most accurate recording of field safety information possible. All safety information recorded can be used to generate regulatory reports or reports that are passed on to a customer regarding job site safety and overall performance.

Keeping things simple in the field is key. Data capture in the field needs to be quick and easy. Spira provides field users with an opportunity to capture required information linking revenue to costs against a job in one seamless transaction. Use Spira to perform field calculations automatically with auto price books and customer contracts.

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Spira works for you in the office and in the field.


Spira’s back office solution provides management teams with information via daily updates, easy to navigate dashboards and timely reports. Each section of Spira is focused on details that matter. Business optimization, asset utilization and job costing are achievable all from one application. Blend financial data with operational data and you get Spira’s comprehensive office solution.

Configuration that helps you control when and who should be reviewing and approving field data. Track costs against each job with the option of knowing your profit margins without having to access multiple, disparate systems.

IN THE Field

Ten plus years of field data capture experience has provided Spira with a deep understanding of what working in the field is really about. Using language and terms that are ‘field friendly’ is just one way Spira works effectively in remote environments.

True offline capability allows for field reporting, data sharing between devices and uninterrupted data capture, regardless of location. Over the years Spira has provided many different field approval solutions to our diverse client base.

Turn satisfied customers into business partners.

"We have found that since using Spira, our relationships with suppliers and our customers have dramatically improved, and without the use of this market-leading technology, Breckenridge wouldn’t be nearly as well positioned for top-line growth."

Warren Banks

President – Breckenridge Concrete

"Since our data is stored securely offsite, all stations can access their reports and statistics at any time. New figures have begun to appear as 100% of operational data is captured. We’ve experienced a dramatic reduction in errors, and gone are the days of  long invoicing cycles. Complex price books are handled automatically by Spira, and the whole process is completed in one day."

Kenji Kokaji

Engineering Manager - Firemaster

"It was important for us to have a solution that fit 80% of our requirements and allowed us to customize the remaining 20%. Spira’s application and use of an industry standard platform has allowed us to continue to use our current financial systems while integrating a strong operational system that could be rolled out to the field."

Scott Darling

President - Performance Energy Services

Is Spira right for my organization?

Here are four simple questions to help you decide:

When will you get todays information from the field?

Is your data from the field accurate and reliable?

What are you doing with your information after you get it?

Does the information from all of your systems match?

Spira works on all major platforms.