Introducing Spira Prime

Spira is proud to offer its industry-leading ORP for small businesses. No matter the size of your operation we have a mobile solution for you. As your business grows Spira offers plans that can grow with you.
Spira Prime takes our ORP right down to the core of our mobile solution. Get the essential data you need from the field in real-time and don’t miss invoicing your customer. This is a perfect solution for growing a business with 10 trucks or less.

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Who doesn’t love data? Here’s some data on Spira.

Spira Data Corp. Provides Cutting-Edge Data Management Software Solutions

With each day that passes, companies around the world become increasingly dependent on computers and software to function. Whether it’s for inventories or time management, there is a huge variety of computer programs you can use to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Data management software is a must within a variety of industries nowadays. Business operations management software and payroll processing software make it easier to manage staff. Invoice software for small businesses help you keep on top of your day-to-day expenses and profits.

Spira Data Corp. develops a suite of data management software for businesses large and small. Our aim is to create programs that make your operations run more smoothly and efficiently. By removing human error, you reduce the risk of losses or shortfalls within your operations. If you work within logistics, you can implement our supply chain management software, dispatch management software, or dispatch scheduling software into your operations.

Construction management software makes large projects easy to sustain and control. Get an oversight over your costs and timelines without needing to rifle through stacks of paperwork and documents. You can use our field service management software to the same end. If you need assistance managing and charging clients, consider our invoice management software to streamline the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the software we develop or the industries we operate within. At Spira Data Corp., we aim to innovate consistently while making programs that are customer-friendly and effortless to use. Thank you for your interest in our company.

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North America’s Leading All-In-One Software for the largest Enterprise Hydrovac, Health Care, Logistics, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, and other Field Services.


Ten plus years of field data capture experience has provided Spira with a deep understanding of what the working field is really about. The true offline capability allows for field reporting, data sharing between devices and uninterrupted data capture, regardless of location.


Spira’s back-office solution provides management teams with information via daily updates, easy-to-navigate dashboards and timely reports. Each section of Spira is focused on details that matter. Business optimization, asset utilization and job costing are achievable all from one application.

Time is Money.

Clean data saves you time. Spira’s ORP™ eliminates process delays and drives efficiencies that can make your company more profitable.

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What Spira Customers Say

I love my Spira dashboard. I can look at it at any time and see where my revenue is at this point in the year, quarter, month and even to the day. I can compare product lines and see who my top customers are for each product line, again by month or year. This of course means I can make a decision about paths forward that are more educated. When I get the budget put in it I will be pushing it out to the area managers so they can see how they are doing compared to the budget. This is a fantastic tool to help our day to day business. Heck, when I get PO’s in there I should be close to a day-to-day income statement. I could even get rid of my CFO then.

Scott Darling, President & CEO, Performance Energy Services

Spira has helped us streamline our entire field ticketing process, making us more efficient and allowing us to improve our customer invoicing procedures for faster turnaround which leads to faster receipts.

Lisa Herrington, Director of Finance, Deep Well Services

Spira has been a huge asset to pull real-time information through the reports available. This is helpful in the review process of various financial items including both revenue and payroll. Spira data export to excel also allows easy comparison of revenue between rigs and periods.

Jared Sears, Controller, Production Services, Eagle Well Servicing




Projects are becoming increasingly complex in design, permitting, staffing and execution. Spira will help you deliver projects on budget and on time.



Plan and execute efficiently on capital expenditure programs and facility expansions while minimizing downtime and process bottlenecks.



Ensure you are able to respond to increasing demand for your services; Spira helps maximize efficient and safe deployment of crews and equipment.



Whether transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, agricultural or consumer services, Spira’s ORPTM can be customized to suit your needs.


Some of our Spira clients.

Sun Country Well Servicing
Dynamic Industries
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