Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to give you more insight into our products and services. Please contact us at 403-263-6475 if you have any more inquiries about our company or products.

Spira Professional (‘Spira PRO’) can be implemented in weeks, not months, and provides smaller to medium sized companies with advanced insight and operational intelligence – allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time with fact-based data.

Spira Enterprise, geared towards larger companies, has a fully integrated solution with a history of integrating with most accounting systems.  Spira Enterprise delivers accurate and timely information right through the invoicing and payroll management cycle.  Using Spira Enterprise facilitates a complete understanding of your business operations by delivering the insight, intelligence and foresight needed to make the right decisions with fact-based data.

Yes, Spira works in a ‘disconnected’ state without an internet connection. Since 2005, Spira has been working with offline data. Long before cell phones and Wi-Fi hotspots were the norm, Spira developed a proprietary offline synchronization for mobile users. Spira has processed hundreds of thousands of encrypted daily tickets from offline devices securely, always protecting your information.

Yes, Spira is fully auditable from the field to the office.  Spira is a fully auditable, date and time-stamped solution from the field to the office. Each transaction is recorded, allowing for a detailed audit report to be generated for every ticket.

Yes, Spira has an in–house support team who provides numerous offerings for our valued customers during standard business hours of 6:00AM – 5:00PM MST Monday through Friday, with emergency support monitoring on evenings, weekends and holidays.  Email support is available through and Spira customers are provided access to our knowledge base and online search engine at, where they may search through technical notes, articles, and documents related to the use of our software.  User issues and experiences are also featured in this knowledge base.

Yes, Spira offers a secure, fully managed cloud computing solution.

Yes – although our ultimate goal is to utilize only a cloud based system, Spira currently offers an on-premise solution as well.

Yes, Spira has a sophisticated tax structure that will comply with the areas in which you work.  Whether your business varies across division or across multiple industries, Spira can look and react differently across multiple mobile platforms, consolidating all of your data back in the office for one concise view.

Yes, Spira handles multi-currency.

Yes, Spira will generate invoices adhering to standard accounting processes.  Creating invoices from Spira in a variety of formats is simple using auditable accounting practices that prohibit tickets from being double-billed.  Spira’s work flow processes support controlled invoice and credit memo generation.  Further, all invoice data is integrated with your accounting system for Accounts Receivable reporting and financial management.

Yes, Spira can capture the consultant stamp.

Spira’s ORPTM – a mobile solution connecting the field to the office


Spira’s ORPTM can lower the cost of executing widely-distributed field work while decreasing the resources that are required to complete it, contributing to your bottom line.

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