Spira Field Service

SPIRA field service

Field Operations

Digitally Transforming Field Operations

  • Used by field service companies to proactively monitor, manage and audit all company activities. These activities range from bid to invoice and include the capture, validation and distribution of revenue, cost and compliance information from both the field and office, including personnel, equipment and materials. Using Spira Field Services allows for rapid and accurate invoice generation along with the required backup
  • Fully auditable with all field information captured at the source – including cost, revenue, “statistics”, pictures and relevant attachments
  • Configured to support your company’s rules as well as incorporate their customers’ requirements
  • All requirements are configurable & optional in the dialect of your business, including incorporating complex validation, payroll, taxes, expenses, costing, price books
  • Helps manage complex scheduling & dispatch and is robust from simple data capture through the most complex data capture
  • Tailored approval & information workflows, and can handle bids, POs, est, time entry, VA requests, forms,
  • Program integrations seamlessly with ERP, HR, HS&E, and maintenance platforms
  • Event-driven alerts and reporting