Spira ORP
Spira On Time



Digitally Transforming Scheduling & Dispatch

  • Used by E&P operators, Prime contractors
  • Eliminate facility wait-time charges
  • Proactively confirm all individuals’ certification and competency before dispatch – credentials are stored behind the personnel logs
  • Job sites are geolocated in a personalized dashboard
  • Shared schedule for riser / loading dock / weight scale availability bookings
  • View worker headcount at each site graphically or by category (contractors, equipment, labor type)​.
  • Personnel cannot check into a site until they are geo-located to that site via cell phone or on-site kiosk.
  • Auditable record of supplier, riser and facility performance with required signatures and acknowledgments
  • Automated reports can be run and sent to key individuals to confirm billing or verify activities.
  • All capabilities featured in Live JobSite
  • Shared administration with required forms and compliance based on activity
  • Text and email alerts
  • Can be used via web, phone, tablet, laptop, remotely or in the office, off and on line

Journey Management

Ensure Employees Are Home Safely Every Day

An app with ease of use and simplicity and including every aspect an employer may require:

  • LSD locating & directions
  • Automated waypoint check-in
  • Customizable risk assessment
  • Management reporting
  • Management trip approval
  • Return trip / favorite trip tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Speed tracking
  • Customizable check-in
  • Push alert capabilities

Working Alone

All-in-one Work Alone Solution

eJourney Manager is an app for any company that has employees who work off-site or at multiple locations and need health & safety monitoring and tracking with features such as:

  • Auto check-in
  • Location tracking
  • Customized risk assessment
  • Low/medium/high risk evaluation
  • Auto-user pinging
  • Real-time reporting
  • Speed tracking
  • LSD locator map