About Spira

Our Story

Spira was founded in 2004 to address the complex challenge of digitally collecting and managing operational billing and payroll data generated from remote locations, including field ticketing.

With the growing volume of manually-recorded data associated with remote labor, equipment and materials in disconnected, or “off-line” environments, Spira developed an innovative software platform to address this unique requirement.

Initially applied in the Canadian energy services sector, today Spira’s ORP™ successfully serves markets across North America and has clients in the well servicing, drilling and completions, production testing, construction, fluid hauling, safety, excavating, daylighting and concrete pouring businesses. Anywhere there is a need to capture and transmit field data from a mobile device to the back office, Spira brings value-added operational, reporting and risk-management capabilities.

In 2017, Spira completed the acquisition of a developer of industry-leading software featuring field-to-office solutions ideal for the energy, mining, construction and safety sectors.  With the transaction, Spira added a new component to our software platform that allows clients to comply with health, safety and environmental requirements, manage people and equipment, visualize field activities and protect workers, all in real time.

Through Spira’s ORP™ combined with an exceptional approach to service, we continue to provide innovative solutions for our valued clients, enabling them to streamline operations, improve collections, grow their top line and develop a competitive advantage.


Spira’s ORPTM can lower the cost of executing widely-distributed field work while decreasing the resources that are required to complete it, contributing to your bottom line.

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