We dove into last year intending to make it a great year, striving to create a bigger and better Spira.

While 2020 didn’t go exactly the way anyone initially expected, we discovered ways to support each other more than ever, leading to not only growth and better functionality but more adaptability as well.

Chata AI LogoLast year began with the Spira BEACON release, which provides the best labour, equipment and materials collection for any industry. We also announced our incredible partnership with Chata AI to support their natural language search, and welcomed new clients while upgrading existing ones. The best part for us? Being able to aid and support the clients who were dealing with oil price crashes and economic fallout from the pandemic the most.

Internally, we learn to support each other even more than we thought possible. Shifting from office to home, in-person demos to virtual meetings, and significant shifts in our marketing and digital communication strategies forced us to experience a worthwhile transformation of our own (as so many can relate to).

Here are three ways we made 2020 the Year of Support at Spira – and what to expect in 2021.


Like so many, the pandemic forced us into an isolated workspace. While some worried about less productivity or poor communication, working remotely resulted, ironically, in the team becoming more communicative and incredibly harmonized in all aspects of our organization.

We made advancements in the stability and performance of our Spira products as a result of this new transparency among the development and product teams, including:


  • Offered support as coworkers and as friends, leading to improved team morale despite the global pandemic outside of our doors.
  • More focus on our development processes, improving product release cycles, creating better schedules and prioritizing quality assurance metrics.

  • Worked together to release the new BEACON which has been a critical piece of our ORP.

  • Completely revamped our product road map with new goals for each product and client base.

  • Developed a new mobile interface with the integration of eJourney and LiveJobsite (stay tuned for an announcement near the end of Q1!).


Due to many companies’ financial and operational challenges across all industries this past year, we, like so many, found ways to do more with less and still provide exceptional value to clients while maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost and effort. It took strong support from each of our team members to do so.

Improving Processes with Digital Gears Consulting placed a strong emphasis on continuous improvement in our project processes and implementation standards. As each project wrapped up, we reviewed and looked at ways to improve our processes or create more efficiencies for the next project, steadily and consistently getting better and better. By streamlining our operations, we delivered value sooner to our clients, translating into reduced project costs and effort.

We also understand that no work process or workflow is ever perfect and will continue to improve and refine our company to face future challenges head-on. The key areas we focused on in 2020 were:

  • Creating a standard template environment to save time and streamline future deployments.

  • Updating and implementing more robust reporting standards for our clients.

  • Investing in additional data uploading tools to be utilized by the clients.

  • Refining our Business Analysis process to better capture our customers requirements

  • Continuing the standardization of project documentation templates.

  • Incorporating persistent client feedback throughout the life cycle of the project.


2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year; However, the Cloud & Support Team at Spira maintained a supportive environment through positive attitudes and a common goal to provide the best possible support and value for our clients when they needed it most.

Many of our clients were forced to adapt to the pandemic through downsizing or transitioning to the work-from-home philosophy.

Our support team maintained friendly and helpful demeanors while supporting clients every step of the way, in addition to ensuring they utilized Spira data to its full potential, hence saving time and labour on their end.

While we focused on continuously improving our operations and processes, we also worked on streamlining customer implementations to be quicker and more efficient. Here are some the ways we did that:

  • Utilizing more robust environment templates yielding both cost and time-saving benefits for customer implementations

  • Increased skill sets and capabilities of our support team to assist in consulting work,  leading to quicker turnaround time, fewer hand-offs and more efficiency for our clients.

  • Continue to focus on building and growing strong personal relationships with our clients.

  • Ensuring clients have the support and resources they need to maximize the value they receive from Spira.

Faustino Tobia, Spira Account ManagerWe would like to give a special shout out to Faustino Tobia (Account Manager) for stepping up and helping out everyone from clients to coworkers by covering the support team so that others could take much-needed breaks and by assisting in consulting to finish timely projects.

We are now over a month into the new year and things are chugging along quite well. We look forward to announcing quarterly software updates, the release of Spira 10.0 later this year, and our newest product for small business Spira PRIME.

 With more support in place than ever before, stay tuned for great things to come from Spira in 2021!