Spira PRIME: 

How Paperless Platforms Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Are you constantly on the lookout for new ways to efficiently process invoices,  improve field-to-office communications, and manage meaningful data in a modern and economical way? If you own or operate a business, of course, you are. 

Introducing Spira PRIME. Paperless, data-driven and almost instantaneous, Spira PRIME works hard so you don’t have to, thus saving you time and money. 

How does Spira PRIME work? 

Designed specifically for small businesses, Spira PRIME  is ideal for those with a limited budget or who operate with 10 trucks or less and will continue to grow alongside your business.

The implementation of Spira PRIME does not affect or interrupt operations, does not require any up-front costs for additional hardware, and works on mobile devices for both Android and IOS, making it simple to use and easily accessible.  

Spira PRIME works anywhere, anytime. Our software will continue to operate when out of service or without a wifi or data connection, simply syncing once back in service. That means no more follow-up, no more waiting for a paper ticket to be handed in, no more checking for errors and duplicate entries, and most importantly, no more delays in invoicing.

What are the benefits of PRIME for each of your Divisions?

Operations Team

Monitor the activities of your workers and assets in the field to ensure resources are producing at their full capacity – in real-time. 

Field Services

Job details are received on mobile devices. Real-time cost and revenue data are captured at the source and transmitted to the office – without employees having to keep track of endless paperwork.  

Accounting & Administration

The administrator’s workload is reduced and Prime eliminates the need for duplicate data entry into systems – causing significant improvement in office efficiency and reduction in the margin of error. 


With more accurate data, you’ll have real-time information to make progressive business decisions on field operations without sifting through piles of data – saving you time and money. 

PRIME Benefits To Your Bottom Line

  1. Monitor, assess and improve field deficiencies as they occur.
  2. Increase the rate and speed of invoicing. 
  3.  Reduce errors caused by manual input or duplicate entries and increase workflow. 
  4. Time is used to focus on top priorities without being slowed down by overwhelming amounts of paperwork. 
  5. Save money on paper, ink & printing costs, in addition to reducing environmental impact.    

How do you start with PRIME?

Start improving your workflow right now – Request a FREE Spira PRIME Demo today!