As businesses across the globe are preparing their workforce to re-enter the workplace, finding new ways to keep your people safe has never been more of a priority.

How do we navigate the physical workplace, as well as mitigate the legal risk and provide employees with a safe environment in this new world?

While we transition away from the emergency phase of our response to COVID-19, employers find themselves having to make permanent or long-term adjustments to their expectations and policies to account for COVID-19’s continuing impact. It is expected that many employers will face increasing demands from employees for work at home options even after most workplaces are permitted to re-open, or will face calls to provide alternative ways of operating to reduce physical contact and increase efficiencies that lend themselves to physical distancing.

One lesson most employers learned from COVID-19 was that their existing policies and employment procedures did not adequately address the possibility of a global pandemic, and therefore are left scrambling to find suitable platforms to drive operations in order to avoid unsafe conditions or emergency work stoppages.

A clear-cut solution to this problem is to integrate digital technology into your workplace, and Spira has exactly what you need to take your operations from face-to-face and paper with multiple touchpoints into the digital realm. Using the Spira ORP® along with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365, Spira allows you to virtually eliminate paper from your workflow, as well as increase collaboration across departments and contractors, whether onsite or off, in near to real-time.

By scheduling through Spira’s ORP you are able to eliminate non-operational wait times at loading facilities, drastically reducing a human to human contact as well as saving you money that would otherwise be spent on downtime. Not only that, but you can completely transform the way you schedule onsite personnel because when you use Spira’s ORP you are able to proactively confirm all individuals’ certifications and competency before dispatch, as well as provide an auditable record of supplier, riser and facility performance with required signatures and acknowledgments. No more waiting for log books or handling documents through your chain of command. Not to mention, if schedule changes occur you can send alerts through automatic notifications on text or email. That’s right- no longer will you have to deal with workers showing up on-site and creating backlogs as well as safety risks due to physical distancing. Your office can acutely control the number of workers on-site at any given time from anywhere and have all that information fully auditable in the event you do have to track transmission.

You can also use Spira’s interactive custom maps to display and mark important locations, and equipment, events, and hazards can be added with a simple tap of the screen. Track and schedule the cleaning of equipment with the touch of a button, and all the while keeping everyone on-site and back at the office abreast of your activities and availability of equipment. This kind of information will greatly optimize your ability to utilize resources, and all your digital forms and inspections can be completed right from the field, transmitting that valuable data back to the office where it can be reviewed.

For payroll, employees and contractors can easily check-in and out on-site using our Spira Field Intelligence (FI) and our Microsoft Windows-based mobile application, The Beacon. By using these digital platforms, you are able to drastically reduce instances of human error, require less manpower to verify time, as well as eliminate backlogs caused by verification of data or simply waiting for invoices or logbooks.

HSE is obviously at the top of many employers’ and employees’ concerns.

Although PPE has always been a priority, now more than ever it is crucial to maintain open lines of communication with employees to make explicitly clear what PPE is required before setting foot on site. Using Spira’s ORP, you can send out automatic alerts to any worker scheduled to arrive letting them know how to prepare themselves, and what will be provided for them, as well as any protocol that you wish them to follow. They are also able to directly communicate back with the office and ask any questions they need to feel comfortable prior to their arrival.

Jeremy Thompson, Spira Data

Jeremy Thompson is the VP of Sales & Marketing for Spira Data Corp and shared this blog on his LinkedIn profile July 2020.

We know there is no standard playbook for return to work, and that different industries and organizations have a different set of requirements and responsibilities to keep their workforce safe and their workplace compliant. However, we believe these are common areas of potential risk that all employers should be aware of and review before moving employees back into the physical workspace. Spira’s ability to configure our software to perfectly suit the needs of your company ensures that all your areas of concern, and some you may not even have thought of, are taken care of.

The cost to your business of having to shut down due to a positive test could be drastic. By using the Spira ORP, you are quickly, efficiently, and easily able to pivot your method of doing business, keep your workforce safe, and reduce financial risk and margin erosion.

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