With the additional restraints of COVID-19 on the construction industry and the increased need for social distancing measures, it has never been more critical to know who is on-site. Strict protocol to control personnel movement is imperative. Not only that, but the economic cost of poor scheduling cannot be underestimated. The last thing you want is sub-contractors standing around eroding your margins while waiting for their window of work to open on-site. 


How can you ensure that you are being cost-effective while keeping the safety of your people as a top priority? Let Spira show you. 


Scheduling is the key to a solid project, and at Spira Data Corp. we know your scheduling plan can make or break a budget, as well as keep you compliant with COVID-19 procedures. Using Spira Live Jobsite and Spira Connect, the need for the onsite administrator to physically check people in and out of the site is all but eliminated, and all forms can be managed via the app and submitted electronically. This information is available back at the office and to management in near-to-real time and can be easily viewed on Spira’s custom-configured dashboards.


Is a contractor late? Is a task taking longer than anticipated and workers are on-site past their allotted time? Not to worry. With Spira, your Administrator can send out alerts through the app or by text or email if someone is late or their time slot needs to be pushed back. Not only does this reduce wasted cost on-site, but it also drastically reduces the workload of the scheduler, making it easy and efficient to manage your schedule as well as make much-needed adjustments. Additionally, you are quickly and easily able to control the number of people on-site at any given time. These capabilities produce more reliable and trackable infection control processes, as well as making social distancing a breeze.


Carefully managing your project plan has a dramatic impact on your infection control processes. When you’re ready to return to work, physical distancing and cost controls can be safely handled with the Spira ORP™. Spira provides you with foolproof solutions for modern-day problems. 


Using Connect, Live Jobsite, and the new Beacon, HSE certifications are tracked for every single person who sets foot on your project. You can also schedule deliveries and have all your cost controls in place with daily tickets for the work. Pre-approved vendors will have their daily work ticket and their schedule, and can submit both with the mere touch of a button. 


No connectivity? No problem! With Spira Beacon’s go-anywhere capability, data is housed within the program and automatically uploaded as soon as connectivity is re-established, keeping your data safe and virtually eliminating dreaded data loss. 


Let us show you how your company can be more effective and more efficient through Spira Beacon – all while helping keep people safe.