Spira Data products are used in more hydrovac trucks than any other software in North America. There is a reason for that. Whether servicing energy, construction, or utility sectors, Spira’s ORP® will give you a significant leg up over the competition both in the field and back at the office. How, you ask? Let us show you.

Because Spira’s ORP® is already the most utilized software in the hydrovac space on the continent, the majority of operators are already familiar with how it works. Turnover can be expensive and time-consuming, so by using software that operators already know and trust, the learning curve is drastically reduced.

Not to mention, by using advanced software you can recruit better employees. Once hydrovac operators have experienced the modern way of working without paper and pens, it is difficult to go back. With Spira, the ease with which data can be entered at the source minimizes errors and saves time. Additionally, the go-anywhere capability of Spira Beacon makes working in isolated locations a breeze. When in an area of low or no connectivity, the information is housed in the system and automatically uploaded when the device is able to connect to the network again. When potential employees hear that they are not required to drag paper copies to and from the site, they will be sure to jump on board.

Going paperless saves you from data pollution and wasted time, and also saves you from the cost of paper waste. The American Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a study showing that for every million dollars in revenue, a company generates an average of 7.8 metric tons of waste. Almost 40% of that waste is paper. That’s 3.12 metric tons of paper… a LOT of paper.

The study also found that if large scale companies could reduce their paper waste by just 1%, they’d save almost $1 billion. Although you might not be saving billions, the reduced cost of eliminating paper cannot be understated. It is also estimated that the cost of printing, processing, and storing paper is up to 30 times the cost of the paper itself. Imagine how much money could be saved from simply eliminating this from your workflow.

You cannot beat the convenience of tracking your jobs from bid to invoice in one system. Data pollution is a major pain point for a lot of hydrovac companies, costing them both money from inaccurate data and time spent collecting, verifying, and processing. With Spira ORPⓇ, your data is entered once, at the source, and remains untouched as it works its way through your organization. Your data remains clean, and also accessible as you can view dashboards in near to real-time and pull up customized reports at the touch of a button.

Multi-faceted functions such as HSE and payroll are automated, simplifying your processes and cutting down on time in the office. Alerts can be set in the system with a time frame of your choosing that can let you know when personnel are nearing renewal for certifications. Using this information you can assign equipment and staff based on availability and certifications. Never again stress about employees with lapsed tickets on-site.

These reasons and so much more go to show why Spira Data’s ORP® is a game-changer for business operating in the hydrovac space. Time, equipment, personnel, waste, risk, and so much more is managed and reported with near-to-real time analytics captured right at the source. If you’re looking to stay streamlined and competitive, you can’t afford not to use Spira.

Let us show you more of the capabilities of Spira’s ORP® and how they can help! Reach out to our hydrovac specialist, Megan Vinthers, at megan.vinthers@spiradata.com to learn more or call us at (403) 263-6475 ext 142. We’d love to hear from you.

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