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Spira is designed to meet the requirements of a variety of business needs. Whether your business processes are simple or complex, Spira can satisfy the demands of your operations. Out of the box or customized, you select how Spira can benefit your organization best.  

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Spira Command - Office Software Application

Key Features

Spira Command is the core office engine that drives the functionality of the software application. Housed in a single, easily accessed database, Spira Command is a comprehensive, efficient solution that has revolutionized field ticketing and data capture. From multiple pricing scenarios, to streamlined invoice creation, to workflow management or integration with other systems, Spira Command has additional software modules to address your business requirements.  

Combine the modules that make sense for your business

Additional Modules

Audit Services
Data Exchange
Advanced Payroll Module
Accounts Payable Consolidator
Inventory Consolidator
Contract & Zone Pricing
Routing Module
Job Board
PDF Enhanced Forms
Master Job Module
Multi Currency

Module Description

Change and Process Tracking
Data Integration and e-procurement 
Job and Ticket Dispatch
Payroll Collection and Generation
Accounts Payable Capture
Inventory Capture
Advanced Pricing Scenarios
Work Flow Management
Job Scheduling Assistant
Reportable Form Data Capture
Master and Sub-Job Templates
Multi Currency Recognition

Spira Mobile and Spira FT®

Spira Mobile is the laptop field data capture component of the Spira software application and Spira FT is our iPhone® field ticketing application. Operating on business rules created in Spira Command, Spira Mobile and Spira FT empower your field personnel to capture transactional and operational data in and easy to use and understandable format and send the information wirelessly back to your office.

Spira Mobile and Spira FT support a wide range of mobile connectivity options as well as offline data entry with online synchronization. Your field personnel can still operate without connectivity. When connectivity is established, the data is transferred between Spira Mobile and Spira Command. There are many devices that can deploy the Spira Mobile and Spira FT solution including, laptops, iPads, tablets or desktop PC's. Anywhere you happen to be, we'll get you connected.

Key Product Features

Digital Field Ticket Creation

Wireless Field Ticket Transfer

Wireless Database Updates

Form Data Capture

Electronic Signature Capture

Business Rule Enforcement

Dispatch Functionality

Advanced Pricing



Spira Reporting

How Does your current business information measure up? apple-measure.jpg

Is it easy to create, timely, accurate? By collecting revenue, operational and statistical data in the field, Spira Reporting gives you real time reporting capability without assembling or rekeying data. Spira Reporting enables key decision makers to make quick and effective business assessments. Whether you use our suite of standard reports or want completely customized reports, Spira Reporting unlocks the information in your data.

For more information on the power of Spira Reporting click here. 



Spira takes the security of your business information seriously. We have incorporated the highest standards of data encryption and protection, ensuring security across your network. Within the application Spira allows you completely control who has access to critical business information in your organization.

Roles and Permissions

Security rules can be enforced by individual users, groups of users, routing points and across business divisions. Create the security structure that meets your needs to keep your business critical data safe.


Customization. Create the solution that is right for you. 

Do you have unique business processes that require a unique software solution? Engage our development team to find the right solution for you.

Spira's platform approach, built with our state of the art technology, enables customization, adaptation, and extensibility, which means you get a streamlined mobile data management system that results in better workflow and enhanced productivity.

Spira allows you to customize many of the data entry screens for the everyday users of the application in your company. This functionality allows you to adapt the software to suit the needs and the terminology used in your organization. Click the screen shots below to see our customization screens. 

From timecards to expense forms, shop forms to safety forms, or whatever can be envisioned, Spira's customization division rapidly develops forms for clients whose needs go beyond that provided in the standard Spira implementation. Convert any day-to-day operational form into digital assets that can be effortlessly managed through mobile devices in the field and relieve your field staff of the burden of inefficient and administration heavy paper based systems.

Because edits take place on the presentation layer and not the standard data structure, Spira offers support to all of the customized forms specially developed for Spira users. Plus, our responsive turnaround means implementation is quick and easy.

To learn more about our customization capabilities, contact us for details on how we can help your organization grow.



Spira Wireless Field Ticketing lets you electronically capture information from the field providing you with increased efficiencies, lower operating costs and greater profitability.

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