Frequently Asked Questions

Will Spira import data into my accounting system?

Yes. Spira can export customer specific data to a specified file format.*

Is it easy for the field staff to use?

Yes. No more calculations or messy handwriting to worry about. Just click, choose and look professional.

How will this reduce my billing cycles?

Get data in from the field quickly and run it through its routing lanes to billings. Spira empowers you to bill the day after a job's done.

How will this help me retain field staff?

With Spira, field personnel have an easy-to-use tool that provides consistent service orders, turning the necessity of field ticket writing into a more hassle-free experience. And with timely and accurate data, there's less chance of delayed or inaccurate compensation. The result is greater job satisfaction and lower staff turn-over.

How will this system help us with our processes?

Spira will automate the paper flow of your current process in order to create efficiencies and improved systems that save time, enhance productivity and increase job satisfaction.

How will this system provide better customer service to my customers?

Your customers receive consistently accurate data from your field people in a timely fashion.

How will the system give me better visibility into the field operations?

Real time reporting on field activities allows for more informed business decisions.

How can I get this up and running in my business (implementation)?

Spira resellers adhere to the Spira TicketReady™ methodologies that give the customer hard deliverables for a set price. Anything outside of TicketReady™ becomes a consulting arrangement. A successful install is our top priority.

Wouldn't it be easier to build our own electronic field ticketing system?

As specialists dedicated to the capture and processing of field data, we follow strict development guidelines and are constantly looking at the latest in reliable technology. Spira lets you allocate your resources on creating a competitive advantage through using your data, instead of worrying about how to collect it.

*Supports, CSV, DTA, XML


apple-bite.pngGetting started should
be easy and cost effective

You want your system to be implemented and operate in a cost effective timely manner. Welcome to Spira's TicketReady™ program. Take the guessing out of installation. Know what to expect. Guaranteed.


Make it Easy on Yourself

Eliminating paper from your field ticketing system has never been easier or more cost effective. With Spira TicketReady™, take the guesswork and financial stress out of the implementation process, and immediately start enjoying reduced billing time and improved cash flow. With immediate business benefits and our online measurable success matrix you'll begin to see the Return before the Investment.

Reduce Your Risk

Through a lower implementation cost and our proven methodology, benefit from enterprise buy-in without sacrificing the competitive advantage of quicker time to market.

Build At Your Pace

Create a foundation for realizing additional business benefits through gradual rollout and integration. With basic infrastructure in place, enjoy the flexibility of investing in added features as ROI becomes more clearly recognized.


Spira Wireless Field Ticketing lets you electronically capture information from the field providing you with increased efficiencies, lower operating costs and greater profitability.

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