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Spira Data to Sponsor Missing Children's 2012 Gala

February 27th, 2012

Spira Data will once again sponsor this year's Missing Children Society of Canada's annual Candlelight Gala.

The Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) is the only non-profit organization in North America that employs an in-house team of former law enforcement and highly trained investigators to actively investigate cases of missing children.

The 2012 Candlelight Gala, MCSC’s premier fundraising event of the year, celebrates the work that MCSC and its partners are doing to reunite missing children with their families.

Spira is sponsoring the MCSC March 27th gala’s Heads & Tails Raffle for the second year in a row. The fun-filled raffle has a grand prize of a voucher for two to anywhere West Jet flies. Last year, Spira’s sponsorship raised almost $4000 for the Missing Children Society of Canada.

“MCSC fills a critical gap across our country related to the search for missing children. We are honored to support MCSC in its efforts to generate awareness, work with families through their reunification process and, of course, their passionate determination to find missing children,” says Spira President Darcy Tuer.

“We are also excited to be working with MCSC with their operation ‘CODE Search’ and its focus on facilitating the search for kids through technology as well as corporate commitment from companies committed to giving back to the community.”

Calgary Flames’ alumni Craig Conroy and family are hosting this year’s gala, which is being held at Flames Central, a world-class sports and entertainment venue in downtown Calgary.

The Heads & Tails Raffle works like this: buy into the raffle for $20 (and receive a Spira five-tool utility knife); then all participants stand up and, for each round, they put their hand on their bum (tails) or their head (heads). A coin is tossed and whichever side faces up, those people matching the coin get to remain standing. The raffle rounds continue until only one person is left standing, the grand prize winner.

“Just like the enthusiasm we see at Spira, the Heads & Tails Raffle is fun and energetic, and is a much-anticipated interactive part of our evening,” says Amanda Pick, executive director with MCSC. “It’s important to us that Spira is involved with MCSC as it literally helps us bring missing children home. It takes a whole community to make this happen, and Spira is a critical part of that.”

Established in 1986, the Missing Children Society of Canada works to reunite missing children with their searching families through professional investigations, public awareness and family support programs. During the 2010/11 fiscal year, MCSC worked a total caseload of 231 files, closing 141 of them. MCSC currently receives two to three calls per day from searching families and referring agencies who want to register files for their missing children.

Spira Celebrates its 50th

February 2nd, 2012

Spira Data Corp is celebrating its 50th! It’s 50th customer that is.

Spira Data is excited to announce Badger Daylighting Ltd., North America’s largest provider of non-destructive excavating services, as its 50th customer.

“Everyone at Spira works tirelessly to make this an amazing and successful company. It is gratifying for all of our stakeholders to see that we’ve signed our 50th customer; furthermore, for our 50th partner to be such a respected company makes this even more significant.” says Spira President Darcy Tuer.

“We are pleased to be commemorating this Spira milestone with Badger Daylighting Ltd., and are looking forward to working with them.” Badger Daylighting has over 400 hydrovac units operating out of more than 80 field offices across the US & Canada.

The company’s key technology, the Badger Hydrovac excavator, is used primarily for safely digging trenches in congested grounds and challenging conditions.

Step Energy Services Goes Live with Spira

January 30th, 2012

STEP Energy Services' Go Live day with Spira's wireless field ticketing software in the field came and went with little or no fan-fare....just the way we like it.

After a successful and smooth implementation, STEP launched Spira Command and Spira Mobile in early December 2011, giving the company the ability to have its field ticketing system completely wireless.

STEP Energy Services is a is a privately-owned, technically-focused, oilfield service company providing specialized coiled tubing units and associated pumping and support equipment to service the deep horizontal well market in Western Canada.

"STEP has been using the Spira system since its very first job in the field, and it has been a great system to work with so far," says STEP Engineering Team Lead Lem Edillon.

"We chose Spira because not only myself, but also our president and COO, came from different service companies and we all had our struggles with the ticketing process and data capture. We wanted to use what we learned from that to make better decisions in the future.

"Acquiring and maintaining all activity, field ticketing, and payroll information in an efficient, easy-to-use, and customizable system was extremely important to the management team at STEP Energy Services," says Edillon. "Having the data in a central, web-accessible application that is searchable and that can create automated reports are the key features attractive to STEP in choosing Spira."

Features of Spira's field ticketing system currently being used by STEP include exporting payroll to ADP®, exporting invoice data to Navision® and equipment utilization tracking. The specialty coil tubing company is also using a custom entry form for fluid pumping data capture. Moving forward, STEP also plans to take advantage of such Spira features as revenue reporting and estimate vs actual billing tracking.

"The greatest value has been STEP's ability to customize Spira's software and tailor the functionality to suit our needs as a coiled tubing and pumping services company," says Edillon. "We are continuing to work with Spira to further improve processes both in the field and in our head office and look forward to some of the new features Spira has to offer in the future."

Spira Data Corp Launches its Beta iPhone Application

July 23rd, 2011

(CALGARY, AB) Spira Data Corp is pleased to announce that Recon Utility Search NA and Sonic Oilfield Service have begun beta testing of the new Spira field ticketing application for iPhone.

Recon and Sonic are field testing the iPhone application during July and August and are expected to be live in production in September of 2011.

The Spira field ticketing application for iPhone has been developed for field service businesses that typically do several field tickets during a normal workday but do not need to enter a significant amount of billing or payroll detail.

“We have targeted the iPhone towards field service companies that are operating hydrovac trucks and fluid hauling services where it makes no sense for them to be hauling around laptops and printers to create field tickets.” remarks Craig Latimer, VP Sales at Spira. “Instead they can carry around an iPhone or an iPad, enter their field ticket, have the consultant sign and approve the work right on the device and then email the consultant the ticket. It’s pretty slick.”

Craig continues, “The true test of our application is where we can give a hydrovac truck operator an iPhone with our application on it and he can enter a ticket with little or no instruction from us on how it works. Right now we are very close to achieving this and this is very exciting proposition because the adoption and training cycle for our customers and their drivers is substantially reduced.”

Spira for iPhone will provide field service companies with greater operational efficiency and accuracy by pushing pricing and business rules out to the field. Drivers in the field can complete an electronic ticket in less time than a traditional paper ticket with greater accuracy, spelling and pricing. Jobs can be scheduled and dispatched out to drivers while they are out in the field and drivers do not have to make a special trip back to the office just to turn in their daily paperwork.

Darcy Tuer, President of Spira Data Corp explains; “We expect that the two beta tests will wrap up by the end of summer and both Recon and Sonic will be fully live in September this year. The knowledge and insight we gain from working with these two companies will help us incorporate new functionality into our iPhone application and make it that much better for new customers coming on stream. We are fortunate to be working with both of these companies because they have taken an industry wide view to the development of the software and have been great to work with.”

The iPhone and iPad project have been spearheaded by Spira’s Chief Technology Officer, James St. Clair and Spira Developer Karl Schulze. James and Karl have been actively working to incorporate feedback from both Recon and Sonic into the product and are also engaged with Apple to make a demo version of the software available on the App Store in early August.

About Spira Data Corp.

Spira Data Corp is a Canadian software development and consulting services company based in Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2004, Spira powers companies of all sizes to automate and streamline business processes and data from the field to the office with their flagship software solution, Spira Wireless Field Ticketing. This innovative solution facilitates a myriad of operational and financial oil field data capture, including expenses, equipment, materials, and billing, providing valuable time and cost savings for field-based businesses in Canada and the United States.

About Recon Utility Search NA

Recon Utility Search NA is a Hydrovac and Vacuum truck operation headquartered out of Hardisty, Alberta. Dean Ness, President of Recon states; “This will allow me to bill my customers 90% faster than when my drivers were writing out paper tickets. No more correcting, re-entering and waiting for tickets to come in so we can bill.”

About Sonic Oilfield Service Ltd.

Sonic Oilfield Service is a Fluid Hauling and Trucking company based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Mark Brown the CFO at Sonic is excited about the new iPhone application. He comments; “When you have 30 trucks filling out up to 5 paper tickets each day, the numbers add up for processing and administration costs.” Spira will “get our information into the office immediately and integrate into our accounting system.”

For more information on Spira for iPhone please contact Craig Latimer, VP Sales at 403-263-6475 or by email at


Spira Data Corp Announces Release of Spira 4.8.16 R3

July 23rd, 2011

(Calgary, Alberta) Spira Data Corp a leading provider of mobile field ticketing to the oil and gas services sector is pleased to announce the release of Spira 4.8.16 R3.

The 4.8.16 R3 release incorporates the following new features and benefits.

  • New client updater tool
  • .Net 4 Compatible
  • 33 – 50% improvement in ticket operating performance
  • New well service tour sheet approval routing and other functions
  • Enhanced PDF form functionality
  • Auto-deprecate offline store feature

The Spira 4.8.16 R3 release is an interim release and is not mandatory. It is available to all Spira customers through Spira support. In addition to the above new features there are numerous other enhancements incorporated into this release. Full Release Notes can be found by clicking here. For more information on the 4.8.16 R3 release, please contact Spira support at 403-263-6475 or by email at

Flint Oilfield Services Deploys Spira

March 3rd, 2011

March 3, 2011 (Calgary, AB – March 3, 2011) Flint Oilfield Services rolls Spira out to all their Rig Hauling transportation Centres in the United States and Canada.

Flint has chosen the Spira solution to track all their drilling rig moving activity in the field. By using a tool like Spira, Flint will have complete job visibility across the entire fleet of trucks. This will allow them to be much more efficient in both the bidding and scheduling aspects of their business.

Darren Gallagher of Flint states, “Spira will help organize our business by showing us where and when all of our rig moves are happening from Pennsylvania to NWT. Transportation is all about utilization of trucks. Spira will allow us to see our utilization graphically at the click of a button. By being more efficient in scheduling we can achieve greater profitability. ”

Flint Oilfield Hauling provides drilling and service rig moving as well as oilfield equipment hauling services for conventional oil and gas well drilling in western Canada and the North Eastern United States. For more information on Spira software products please contact Craig Latimer, VP Sales by phone at 403-263-6475 or by email at

Spira Data Corp. Adds Four New Well Service Companies

January 20th, 2011

(Calgary, AB – January 20, 2011) Spira Data Corp. is happy to add four new Well Servicing Companies to its roster. Sabre Well Servicing, Treeline Well Services, Technicoil Corporation and Grimes Well Servicing.

The Spira Well Servicing Solution has been gaining a strong foothold in the Western Canadian Well Service community. With the addition of these 4 organizations, Spira now has 10 customers running Spira digital tour sheets in the field. “It’s been very rewarding gaining market traction in this segment. Two years ago we concentrated our efforts on providing this industry with a point solution to their data collection challenges. Working with our clients has matured our offering into a world class Well Service software solution.” Comments Darcy Tuer, President Spira Data Corp.

The Well Service vertical is a market that Spira is committed to servicing. Spira continually strives to make their product better by growing the application on user feedback and market needs.

For more information on Spira software products please contact Craig Latimer, VP Sales by phone at 403-263-6475 or by email at

Spira Data Corp. Expands Reach in the Safety Services Market

December 20th, 2010

December 20, 2010 (Calgary, AB – December 20, 2010) Spira Data Corp. is happy to close 2010 by welcoming the following new customers in the safety service business.

Trojan Safety Services is a Fort St. John, British Columbia based organization that has been proudly providing safety services for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Forestry and Construction industries of Western Canada for over a decade. Manger for Trojan Jeff Kirschner says “Spira's helping to streamline our business. With its ability to track jobs, generate field tickets, and automatically complete payroll, it's saving us time and money.” Employees will now be entering all their daily activity data digitally and getting the customer to sign field tickets on a signature pad. By eliminating paper they are being more environmentally conscious while gaining large efficiencies in invoice turnaround time.

Action Health and Safety Services is a Dawson Creek, British Columbia based company positioned as leaders in Health, Safety and Security services specifically designed for the oil and gas sector. A rapidly growing organization, Action deals with disparate sources of data. The Spira solution will consolidate all the billings and payroll data coming in from the medics in the field. One central data repository will give Action the ability to invoice, generate payroll and report much quicker and more efficiently than before.

With the addition of both Action Health and Safety Services and Trojan Safety Services, Spira is now being used by 6 of the top 10 largest safety services providers in Western Canada. For more information on Spira software products please contact Craig Latimer, VP Sales by phone at 403-263-6475 or by email at

At Spira Data Corp, we are committed to the continual innovation of our system to keep it on the leading edge of wireless field ticketing.

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